Vintage Heavy Metal

Vintage Metal: what separates a Hunk of Junk from a usable, collectable work of art? In my first Vintage Seven┬ápost, I wrote that the Wiki definition of Antique is something that is “80-100… Continue reading

Adventures in Etsy

I love selling on Esty. I have been selling my own creations as well as some of my vintage finds on the site since late 2011. Of late my site has been growing… Continue reading

Better Out Than In… More Unanswered Banksy Questions

This the second post of my inaugural Vintage Seven Blog week (wow that was a mouth full!). I did not want to make this post long or tedious, so I’ll get straight to… Continue reading

Where it all Began…

‘Vintage’ has become a kinda catch all for anything that is not quite old enough to be Antique (“Wiki defines Antique as 80-100 years of age, and displaying some degree of craftsmanship”), things… Continue reading