From Landfill to Art Gallery

The other day I posted about my latest booklamp creation on my other wordpress blog DanielDunlop.

Not all the items that Megan and I find are worth just selling on their own, or are in good enough shape to sell ‘as is’ That is when you must get creative. I think that God has given us great gifts and possessions, and since America is: ‘a throw away when its broke ‘ society I think it is only wise to reuse and get as much life out of each and every item we possess!

“Louie” my skateboard eating monster was a character that I came up with when I needed to repurpose a badly broken Blind skateboard deck


After creating this fun piece of street art I still had trucks and wheels left over to build my next working skate art piece! It is not hard to really get into repurposing and recycling what we have, it just takes a little ‘out of the box thinking’


DSC07453Speaking of out of the box thinking;sorry that was a bad joke, this is my latest Cigar box art piece. I call this painting ‘Billboard Jungle’¬†¬†This painting is on the lid to a large 50ct cigar box, the lid can easily be mounted to the wall for display, or would be great as a table top piece with some stooges inside! I love to paint on cigar boxes because they are fairly cheap to purchase once empty, and because You can use them for storage ,so you can turn them into usable art!

Thanks for reading I hope this post will get your juices flowing as you find repurpose projects around you! I have many more of these type of projects, but they will have to wait for another day and another blog post!


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