@ The Thrift Shop

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis made thrift shopping a cool thing in their song Thriftshop, but for me thrift shopping was something I always did since I was a kid in the 1980s with my parents.

‘THRIFT SHOP’ Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis

Maybe I was just one of the first Hipsters of my generation or maybe  I just liked looking through piles and piles of other peoples through away for that one rare Gem that would make the search worth it! There have been many times I have gone looking at my local thrift shop and have found nothing, but the times I have found something cool it has been worth all the trouble. Like This 1940s Rumford Grocery ad


The Rumford ad made a great addition to a ladies kitchen when I put it on Etsy. I have found great items both at Goodwill and Salvation Army, but my stores of choice are always local thrift and junk stores. I have gotten to know the propitiators  well; and often they go out of their way to show me their latest vintage and antique items! I love to support local small businesses and this serves me and the community well! I have found that the junkier the store usually the better the stuff.


This 1980s WAVE  phone is in good working order and just really  cool, another great find from a local business!

The list of unique and hard to figure out item goes on and on. One time I found a pair of seat belts from a 1960s Jeep, I sold one on Etsy to a man that wanted an extra seatbelt in his old Jeep for his dog to ride along, the other some day I plan on using in some of my art.

On occasion you could find some rare and or expensive art glass. This Perthshire Paperweight is a type of paperweight that is made of high quality led crystal and prized by collectors!DSC04829

Estate Sales are sometimes another place to find unique and treasured items. I found this scrimshaw in this beautiful vintage frame at an estate sale!DSC05461

One of my most recent pieces is this Newspaper printers plate which was from a Negro Newspaper somewhere in North Carolina around 1920. I currently have this item on Ebay if you would like to see more follow the link on EBAY . This piece is a very interesting piece of history, I cannot fathom the time and place this piece was in!


Thanks for looking, and good hunting!