What Set a Product Apart From the Competition

What makes the difference in our fast paced ever changing tech world? Craftsmanship! I hail back to my first post on Vintage Seven which included the definition of Antique, ‘Showing some degree of craftsmanship.’ I believe that just like with art,  vintage and antique items have to show some degree of craftsmanship in order for there to be a lasting demand for the items. Two examples of  companies understanding craftsmanship matters are the products of apple computers: which often include a unibody aluminum body and a sturdy, solid feel in the hand.

Apple macbook air Unibody aluminum

(I think apple is getting away from this format a bit, which will hurt them.) Apple, for many years, has been able to ask at least twice the price as their nearest competitor for comparable products; soley based on composition (the products lifespan).

Another notable product with good craftsmanship (for the most part), is Sony’s PS2, 3 and no doubt PS4. If you compare simply the aesthetics of Sony’s machines against Microsoft’s or Nintendo you will notice a clear distinction in quality. And though I think with the arrival of the Xbox one, Microsoft is learning Game systems don’t have to look like giant space VHS tape machines.

Case in point is the angry toaster look Microsoft achieved with the xbox

The real proof is under the hood. I had both companies systems several different models; and the Xbox 360 was my only gaming system that I ever had to replace because of defective parts (don’t get me started on controllers or incompatible discs).

Slightly improved futuristic toaster xbox 360

When it comes down to it Sony has an edge just in the re-salability of its product. The graphics are not much different but the craftsmanship is miles apart.

Sony PS4 Kinda a strange shape, but packs a lot of punch for it’s size

In the end, what makes game consoles or any item have lasting worth is craftsmanship, usability, and a general usefulness. Microsoft never updates the designs of existing systems, but Sony continues to improve and shrink systems once out into the lightest slimmest one possible. Often when friends would complain to me about Macintosh operating system; they were PC users complaining about the simplicity of Macs desk top. I do not understand why usability is a bad thing, but whatever. In fact, the trend in the tech industry is going the way of simple user friendly interfaces. If Apple is to keep up with what it started, they will have to be two steps ahead of everyone else. The rumor is that Apple is working on a smart watch to ad to its tech  repertoire. If apple really has a smart watch to come into its smartphone line; it will have to far exceed the offerings by competitors such as Samsung and Sony which offer watches that only add compatibility to existing smartphones. Apple if it is to enter the watch market will have to add a new level of craftsmanship and usability never seen before! I mean a watch and gadgets that defy expectations

Could Apple be planning a game changer?

Recently, Apple has filed a watch patent in Japan, as well as patented holographic technology. Could Apple be planning to use the newly patented ‘willow’ glass: a  flexible bendable glass that Corning created(the same company that Apple uses for most of its other glass).

It will be interesting to see the products that Sony, Microsoft, and Apple unveil this year. Will there be some bold moves or just slightly better products, that meet but do not exceed our expectations?

Let me know who will win the console war: Xbox one or PS4?

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daniel j dunlop