Adventures in Etsy

I love selling on Esty. I have been selling my own creations as well as some of my vintage finds on the site since late 2011. Of late my site has been growing each month and I  continually look for new ways of promoting my own work as well as connect some of my most awesome finds with those searching for them from around the world!

original work on skateboard 2011 sold $185

This Star Wars Skateboard entitled ‘Comic Fett’  was featured in a gallery show of original Star Wars works at Lightside Tattoo in 2011. I was extremely proud of this work because it marked a departure from my Watercolor roots into more of a street art progressive style. The Boba Fett was made up completely of comic book pieces (This process took hours and six different Star Wars comics to complete!). There was a lot of love and many, many likes for this piece on my Etsy page before the work sold to an art lover from California for $185 (shipping included). It is hard to let go of my work, because they become very real parts of my life as I work on them. The same is true of the vintage finds that I have sold.

Disco Lite Color Organ model 1625 audio modulated light sold $95 including s&h

In my first Vintage Seven post I mentioned only buying things that you yourself would keep and use; that way you’re not stuck with something that you cannot sell and that you do not like! This Vintage 1970’s disco light will flash with the beat of music that is playing in the room. When I first plugged this light organ in and saw it in action I was in love. I really could not find anyone selling one at the time, but I saw that several of them had sold on Etsy in the past and this is where this blog’s main function comes into play: I want to be able to give a fair market price range for collectors and fellow pickers on items that I have sold. I do not like dealing with Ebay because I have had only bad experiences selling and buying on the site, and there seems to be a lack of respect for the history on pieces. The one thing that Ebay has on Etsy is that Ebay shows how much items have sold for when you look them up in a search, but Etsy only shows that the items have sold.

1940 Rumford Baking ad sold for $150

This 1940 Rumford grocery ad was another example of items that I would love to keep if they do not sell. I cannot keep everything that we pick, but my wife and I had a sweet spot in our heart for this ad; we already had plans to frame it and put it up in our kitchen, but the item sold for $150 including s&h. We were both sad and happy. Now this is an item that we had to name our own price for. When I find items I look on the manufacture’s database, on auction house sites, or previously sold items throughout the web, but when I did a Google image search on the Rumford ad, there was not a single example that I found in any of my research! My wife and I decided to price the ad according to rarity and our own love of the piece!

Antique Aladdin NU TONE model B kerosene lamp $160 including S&H

When you’re searching your favorite vintage or thrift store, there is a thrill to finding things that strike your interest and make you ask, “What the heck is that?” This Aladdin Nu Tone Kerosene Lamp was a learning experience. I had no idea of the following and collect-ability that Aladdin’s lamps foster.

Lesson to be learned; pursue what brings you happiness, collect things that enrich your life.

Batman In the Naked City $100 S&H included

My latest comic collage piece is Batman In the Naked City. Measuring 14″ x 11″ this piece is now hanging in my studio. Though I will be sad to see it go, I will be happy to have a collector ad it to their collection.

Thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned to my next post which will be about vintage metal.

daniel j dunlop