Better Out Than In… More Unanswered Banksy Questions

This the second post of my inaugural Vintage Seven Blog week (wow that was a mouth full!). I did not want to make this post long or tedious, so I’ll get straight to the point. If you follow the Art world at all, and more specifically Street Art like I do, you know the reclusive British street artist who goes by the name ‘Banksy’ has been tagging and installing his way around New York City. I have always had an affinity for most of his work. Banksy’s tongue in cheek social statement pieces often make us laugh and sometimes make us think. Shepherd Fairey put it best speaking of Banksy’s work: “It’s both profound and very basic.”

I wanted to point out which of the pieces from Banksy’s Month long “Residency on the streets of New York City” I found especially  inspiring to me as an artist.

First off, Banksy’s Ghetto 4 Life is just hilarious! I love the walk through talking tour that you can take @ banksyny.  It will totally make you laugh. I think the piece is kinda referring to how New Yorkers view the British artist.

This Fiberglass Ronald Mc Donald travelled the streets of New York visiting local Mickey D’s having his shoes shined by a real live homeless boy. This brings up an interesting point. How does Banksy do his art without lawsuits or being found, especially, in a city like NYC? I will come back to this point later.

I love that with this ‘Spray Art’ both Banksy was mocking all the art community that  is willing to pay hundreds of thousands for his work and at the same time giving New Yorkers the opportunity to own an original ‘Banksy’ for $60.

I saved my favorite of Banksy piece for last. This cheetah, or whatever kind of cat it is, with its graffiti detail is impressive and just cool. It also makes me think: how does Banksy do his most complex work without being seen? Does he have a group that surrounds him? Does he put the area under construction? How does he do what he do?

I have done some outdoor pieces and it is not easy to avoid being spotted. Very Hard!

Let me know what you guys think, and  thanks for stopping by

daniel j dunlop